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Ms. Manjusha K A

Ms. Manjusha is an Assistant Professor at SGTDS, Mahatma Gandhi University. Her areas of teaching and research include Tribal and Indigenous Studies, Rural Development, and Social Movements.

Manjusha is Head of the Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension. She also serves as Director of the Civil Service Institute at Mahatma Gandhi University. In addition, she is an Honourary Joint Director of the Inter-University Centre for Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture (IUCOFSA) at Mahatma Gandhi University.

She has published several research papers in different journals. Recently, she submitted a research project sponsored by ICSSR entitled “Human Rights and Tribal Development: A comparative study on the Malai Pandaram Tribes of Pathanamthitta and Kollam Districts in Kerala”. She submitted another major UGC research project on Indigenous Organic Farming. She is also undertaking a documentary film project on “Indigenous Fishing Practices in the Coastal Zones of Kerala”, on the initiative of the Government of Kerala. She also serves as Regional Secretary for the Kerala History Congress.

Ms. Manjush may be reached at manjusha@mgu.ac.in.