Saturday, March 2, 2024
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"Connects Technological Progress to Human Development"


The Centre for Technology and Human Development Studies (CTHDS) was established at the School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies (SGTDS), Mahatma Gandhi University in 2023.

Our mission is to explore how emerging technologies can drive inclusive development and empower disadvantaged communities globally. We take a solutions-oriented approach grounded in Gandhian philosophies of equity and justice.

Focus Areas

Specific research themes at CTHDS include:

  • Indigenous empowerment through appropriate technologies
  • Applying Gandhian principles to promote inclusive technological development
  • Leveraging technology for women’s socioeconomic empowerment
  • Bridging divides from new technologies across class, caste and gender
  • Assessing wider impacts of AI, robotics, IoT, blockchain and other modern tech advancements


Our interdisciplinary research utilizes methods like:

  • Policy and program evaluations
  • Technology interventions and impact analyses
  • Surveys, ethnographies, and data analytics
  • Foresight modeling of tech scenarios

Expected Outcomes

We aim to:

  • Generate insights on tech’s role in equitable growth
  • Inform policy decisions on regulation, access, and innovation investments
  • Provide replicable models of inclusive technology innovations
  • Make recommendations to address digital divides


CTHDS actively pursues collaborations through:

  • Joint research projects
  • Conferences, workshops and policy dialogues
  • Pilot demonstrations of technological solutions


CTHDS operations are led by Founding Director Dr. Rajesh Many, an expert on technology, innovation and inclusive development. Our advisors include pioneering voices shaping India’s digital policy and governance evolution.

Get Involved

To explore partnerships, contact:

Dr. Rajesh Many
Honorary Director