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The SGTDS publishes a series of internal academic publications each year, including monographs, working papers and books. The monographs published in 2020 are listed below with summaries of them.

Contesting Genealogies of Divinity Arab Verses Persian Sufism in Malabar
Prof. M. H. Ilias
Islam in Malabar, the northern part of Kerala from the 18th century onwards has been represented largely by two opposite traditions, namely, Hadrami Sayyids (also known as Hadrami Tangals) and Kondotty Tangals <<read more>>

Clash of Civilizations: Prediction or Wish? A Post – Colonial Re-Reading of Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations Thesis
Biju Lekshmanan and Dileep P Chandran
The primary object of this piece of work is to critically analyze Huntington’s thesis of ‘Clash of Civilization’ in post­ colonial context. It also looks into various responses to Huntington’s thesis <<read more>>

How Pupils Think Intellectual Style Preferences of Secondary School Students
Dr. Noushad P P
A style is a preferred way of thinking (Sternberg, 1999). According to Sternberg (1997) Intellectual Style is the way one chooses to use one’s aptitudes. Intellectual Style refers to what a person prefers to do, and how they like to do it <<read more>>.

Social Dynamics in Indian Society and the Vision of a Non Violent Social Order
C. R. Harilakshmeendra Kumar
The social dynamics in Indian society is inherently less turbulent and comparatively more non – violent in nature. In other words, there is ample scope for the search for a non – violent social order <<read more>>

Tribes and Social Change: A Situational Analysis of The Ulladan Tribe in Attathode Tribal Colony, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala
Manjusha K. A
From time immemorial tribal communities constitute an important segment of Indian Society. India is also characterized by having second largest tribal population in the world <<read more>>