Saturday, March 2, 2024
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The School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies (SGTDS) at Mahatma Gandhi University equips students with a unique multidisciplinary foundation spanning Gandhian philosophy, development studies, economics, and related fields. Through its MA and PhD programs, SGTDS prepares graduates for diverse career paths united by a commitment to positive social change.

Many SGTDS alumni go on to academic careers, carrying forward the study and teaching of Gandhian thought and development issues. They become faculty members at universities, lecturing and conducting research in areas like peace studies, rural development, participatory governance, human rights, gender studies, and alternative education. Their interdisciplinary training allows for scholarly work that cuts across disciplines.

For those drawn to applied work, SGTDS graduates find opportunities with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society groups. Armed with a grounding in subjects like economics, social entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability, they can drive initiatives related to poverty alleviation, community development, and advocacy. NGOs value the critical thinking abilities and on-the-ground experience graduates gain through fieldwork.

The public sector also recruits SGTDS graduates, hiring them into roles at government institutions, policy think tanks, and development agencies. Their expertise in decentralization, innovation, and participatory processes makes them assets for shaping impactful policies and programs. Graduates work on challenges ranging from strengthening local governance to designing more equitable economic policies.

Within the private sector, SGTDS alumni contribute their problem-solving skills and commitment to social good at companies focused on areas like sustainable business, corporate social responsibility, and social enterprise. Their ability to analyze complex issues through multiple disciplinary lenses benefits initiatives seeking to balance growth with societal impacts.

No matter which path they pursue, SGTDS graduates emerge as thought leaders armed with not just academic knowledge, but a deeper understanding of Gandhian philosophies and their modern-day applications. Their multidisciplinary training prepares them to approach national and global challenges in innovative ways, driving constructive change as scholars, policy experts, social entrepreneurs and advocates.

A dedicated school administration team at SGTDS supports students in career development and the admission process. Those interested can contact the University Front Office/Call Centre at +91 481 2733375 or the school administration at +91 481 2731039 for more information. You can also visit and