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Faculty Members

Prof. M.H Ilias

Prof. M.H. Ilias is a professor at SGTDS and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Mahatma Gandhi University. His teaching and research has focused on topics such as the sociology of conflict, comparative religion, religion and visual culture, South Asian Islamic movements, etc. <<read more>>

Dr. Biju Lekshmanan

Dr. Biju Lekshmanan is Associate Professor of SGTDS at Mahatma Gandhi University. He is also the Director of SGTDS. His academic and research interests include Gandhian Studies, Human Rights, Développement Alternatives, Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies, Rural and Urban Governance, Public Policy, etc. <<read more>>

Dr. Noushad PP

Dr. Noushad PP is an Associate Professor at SGTDS, Mahatma Ghandi University. He focuses his research and teaching on topics such as Developmental Studies, Social Statistics, Research Methodology, Education and Development, Educational Policy Studies, Educational Ideals of Gandhi, Peace Education and Alternative Education. <<read more>>

Dr. C. R Harilakhemeendra Kumar

Dr. Harilakhemeendra Kumar is an Assistant Professor at SGTDS, Mahatma Gandhi University. He also serves as Honorary Director of the Yoga and Naturopathic Center. He focuses his teaching and research on Gandhian Studies, Rural Development, Yoga, Naturopathy, etc. <<read more>>

Ms. Manjusha K A

Ms. Manjusha is an Assistant Professor at SGTDS, Mahatma Gandhi University. Her areas of teaching and research include Tribal and Indigenous Studies, Rural Development, and Social Movements. <<read more>>

Dr. Rekha Raj

Dr. Rekha Raj is an Assistant Professor at SGTDS, Mahatma Gandhi University. She specializes in teaching and research in Development Studies, Gender Studies, Dalit Identity, etc. <<read more>

Dr. Rajesh Many

Dr. Rajesh Many is an Assistant Professor at SGTDS, Mahatma Gandhi University. He currently teaches and supervises students in the areas of development studies, with a focus on Applied Economics, Development Economics, Gandhian economics, Social Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Theories. Her current research focuses on Technology and Human Development, Digital Humanities, Information Economy, Digital Economy, Policy Studies, Social Innovations and Transformative Change, and African Studies. <read more>>

Dr. Abhilash G Nath

Dr. Abhilash G Nath is an assistant professor at SGTDS, Mahatma Gandhi University. He focuses on teaching and research in Continental and Indian Philosophy, Research Methodology, Theories of Globalisation, etc. <<read more>>