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Dr Abhilash G Nath

Dr. Abhilash G Nath has an interdisciplinary upbringing, PhD in philosophy, M.Phil. in Chinese studies, and MA in politics and international relations. He was the recipient of the prestigious Chinese Government Scholarship (2006 -2010) and had studied political science at Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong, People’s Republic of China. His academic interests include Continental philosophy, Indian philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Gandhian thought, and cultural studies. He has more than four years of teaching experience in various universities in India. Abhilash has taught courses, like Political Philosophy, Political Theory, Research Methodology, Theories of Globalization, International Relations Theory, etc. for Masters, M.Phil., and PhD programmes while teaching in the School of International Relations and Politics, MGU, Lovely Professional University, Punjab and Adamas University, Kolkata. He has published journal articles and book chapters on Continental Philosophy, Indian Philosophy, and Education. His published works address questions concerning metaphysics, the self and ethics, and the problem of truth. His doctoral thesis titled, “The Art of Telling the Truth: Language, Power and the Play of the Outside in Michel Foucault,” submitted to Jawaharlal University, New Delhi, studied the related problems of “human subjectivity,” “ethics,” and “truth” in the work of the French philosopher, Michel Foucault. Abhilash is keen to explore various aspects of Gandhi’s life and thought with insights from his ongoing studies in continental and Indian philosophy. He assumes such studies in philosophy would enrich life and wishes to share his insights with students.

He may be contacted at 3732@mgu.ac.in or abign2015@gmail.com.